i found him
it would be the greatest achievement in my life
because i found my destination

today is a special yet meaningful day for us
because we aboard our 100days,officially...

at this memorable day
even we have to be apart
even we cant be with each other
even we cant celebrate it
but it's blissful since i have choose him as my man

i hope that we can keep moving further 
toward our 200days, 300days...even 1000000days
forever and ever til the end of my life
i love you,always...

i want you blow my hair for everyday =)  



in this particular moment
i'm missing you
your face pop-out in my mind

your shadow still there, unexpectedly
your smile flash through my mind
so sudden

even you're away
i'll still miss
even you're apart
i'll still worry
even you're apathetic
i'll still care

i cant even let you know
i know it's only right now
but not more than that

take good care when you're abroad solely
especially the chillsome climate and weather

i'm so sorry that i miss you


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