he asked me what is "imy" ?
i kept silence
i want him to search it and find the meaning by his own
because it's just meaningful for me to him

there are loaded of midterms & assignments haunting me
but others keep interrupting my mind
oww~the flying soul of mine
the body still in dead town
the heart already in KL
i miss my queen-size bed
i miss mom-cooked food
and of-course
i miss him
his smile & his voice flooding in my mind
every single moment
especially in the nite
such a gloomy week
i felt so sorry
this coming weekend is much suffocating for me
you know why
because this will be the first weekend that i cant meet him
you know why
because we met up every weekend since the x'mas 
you know why
because i already used to it
you know why
i like to spend my weekend with him
even just a single movie
even just a lunch or a dinner 
but i just enjoyed the time with him
cant even imagine the sadness weekend without him
when i cant see his smile
when i cant hear his voice
do you ever know how suffering am i

i asked myself once & once
why i'll miss him so badly?
no doubt 
even me myself also dunno the reason & the answer
i just know he's not part of mine
i just know he's not belong to me
i just know he's not the bf of mine

he'll never know
he'll just ignore me
*shedding tears*


剪 • 爱

有一个人  很想放弃  却舍不得

有一个人  很想每天对他说’我爱你’

有一个人  一上线就会去看他是否有上线
要是他不在  一阵满怀失落
要是他在  却又不敢打扰他

有一个人 总是不经意偷偷去看他的空间

有一个人 会留意他的近况
然后开始胡思乱想 总是揣测不安

有一个人 一直在徘徊等待

有一个人  看见他的影子和点滴

有一个人 真的好想爱他
仔细沉思  到底他为什么值得去爱
爱他的潇洒? 爱他的坏?

有一个人 让你如此在意

有一个人 为他尝尽泪的味道

有一个人 双眼让他蒙蔽

有一个人 教会你怎么去爱

有一个人 时常说要放下

有一个人  执着不愿意放弃

有一个人 真心期望他幸福快乐
就算是自己不快乐 但都愿意为他付出

有一个人 离开他的时候微笑着
但是一转身 却泪流满面

有一个人  甘心为他停留原地

有一个人  一直都不曾出现在身边




Selamat Menyambung Hari Merdeka 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidrilfitri

I have to enjoy my pre-sembreak before the final exam
According to the schedule,my final exam will start 3 weeks later
*evil laugh*

Baby and i planned to bring my parent to Johor Bahru and Melacca
We departed from KL in the early morning of 30th Aug
We spent our 1st day in UK Farm
The weather was great so we can enjoyed ourselves 
Then we heading to visit my xiao gu in JB 
We then check-in at 8Days Boutique Hotel which nice and cheap

The next morning we had our Dim Sum before visit to the oldest temple in JB 
Next,is the Chinese Medical session
It was my ever 1st time to have gua sha
To save my backbone,i have to torture by the sifu 
I have been whack-kick-punch-smack during the torturing 
But then i can pampered myself with a full body traditional tui na and massage 
Guess what
It total cost me almost RM500 
Hopefully i can recover a.s.a.p with the huge amount
Then we decided to have our dinner in Malacca
We heading back to KL after the walk in Jonker Street 

This was the 1st trip i have with my baby and my dearest parent
Hope them can enjoy themselves as well
Wish to have more time to accompany them during the furlough    


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