he asked me what is "imy" ?
i kept silence
i want him to search it and find the meaning by his own
because it's just meaningful for me to him

there are loaded of midterms & assignments haunting me
but others keep interrupting my mind
oww~the flying soul of mine
the body still in dead town
the heart already in KL
i miss my queen-size bed
i miss mom-cooked food
and of-course
i miss him
his smile & his voice flooding in my mind
every single moment
especially in the nite
such a gloomy week
i felt so sorry
this coming weekend is much suffocating for me
you know why
because this will be the first weekend that i cant meet him
you know why
because we met up every weekend since the x'mas 
you know why
because i already used to it
you know why
i like to spend my weekend with him
even just a single movie
even just a lunch or a dinner 
but i just enjoyed the time with him
cant even imagine the sadness weekend without him
when i cant see his smile
when i cant hear his voice
do you ever know how suffering am i

i asked myself once & once
why i'll miss him so badly?
no doubt 
even me myself also dunno the reason & the answer
i just know he's not part of mine
i just know he's not belong to me
i just know he's not the bf of mine

he'll never know
he'll just ignore me
*shedding tears*



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