F.a.m.i.l.y ♥

you bet
pass through a suffocative weekend in KL
ran to the town which totally strange max- PJ
no choice
gotta attend the product training with baggage

finally was HOME safety
all the stress can be flushed away once i met all the sweeties
since when
i started to LOVE them
i used toHATE kids
but i pretty lovin them since the appearance of gorgor & didi 
and now
i love 8 of them sooo much

 the 7 dwarfs of mine
*Carol was absence back to hometown*

a call from Jenny around 8smthg
a movie at 9pm such sudden
get myself a messy look done
left home at 8.55pm 
reaching GSC mid valley at 9.05pm
bravo for the drift skill of him
the first movie with him 
the first time a bought him lovely popcorn
after the funny yet touching movie
went for the yum cha session at sg.long  
the cuppa honey milk

 the first movie with him

popo appeared in my mind during the movie
i am so sorry cause never visit her for almost 2 months
i feels like wanna hug her with snuggle 

even the job for Fri, Sat and Sun
totally tiresome
i know i have to be strong
i have to be tough
i must get more $$$$
so that i wont burden my family
YES, i can do it

i felt that i was born in bad temper
i hope to apology before putting on the 20's candle
i can't even imaging how my parents can stand for almost 20 years
i am so sorry
poppa and momma

right here moment
i am thinking for nothing
just the reflection of the image when you guys getting elder and elder
i hope i can spend more while with both of you
so that i wont regret in the future time

no matter how
i hope to let both of you know that
i miss you
i love you
and i really do
grrr, falling sick again
better halt it before the exam week


Recipe For The Peak-Load

Recipe for Lavigne's Schedule

Appetizers   : Extremely valuable soft skills
Main course : Extremely utilizable classes
Dessert        : Extremely enjoyable activities

1 exhibition, 1 seminar and 2 workshops
5 lecture classes, 4 tutorial classes and 1 practical class
1 celebration in advance and 1 steambot session

1 presentation
1 replacement lecture class
1 "kononnye" blackout session

Preparation steps:
1) Attend 1 practical class, 1 tutorial class and 2 lecture classes on Monday
2) Attend 1 lecture class and 1 tutorial class on Tuesday
3) Attend 2 tutorial classes with a presentation for Marketing on Wednesday
4) Attend 1 lecture class on Thursday
5) Attend 1 lecture class, 1 exhibition and 1 seminar of Sustainable Wastewater Remediation on Friday
6) Attend 1 replacement of lecture class and 1 workshop of Work Ethics At the Workplace on Saturday
7) Prepare and await for the dark due to the notification of blackout within Kampar area on Saturday night
8) Celebrate the Tang Lung Festival in advance with beerbeer while waiting for the blackout night
9) Attend 1 workshop of Tips To Become A Successful Entrepreneur on Sunday 
10) Indulge with 1 steambot session after the workshop at Sunday night

Servings size:  
7 days for 1-4 persons

       the teeny weeny hap that......
       i stay in kampar and spend the precious seven days with ooiooi for the first time.
       i fully utilize the entire week with full scheduled and activities in kampar for the first time.
       i celebrate the tang lung festival in advanced with my buddies in kampar for the first time.
       i well prepare for the blackout an kampar for the first time(even the dark never comes).
       i satisfy with the joyful life in kampar for the first time.  

        thankiewww guys & i love you guys


hapuskan aku

perlukah aku 
menapiskan air mataku 

perlukah aku
megemaskan pemikiranku

perlukah aku
meragukan destinasiku

jauhkan diriku dari kegelisahan
hentikan diriku dari kesesatan

izinkanku tenggelamkan kemunculan diriku
izinkanku berdiam-sepi di samping bayanganku

betapa susah aku merendamkan diriku daripada kesedihan
betapa susah aku meyorokkan diriku daripada tangisan

aku selaku pemasar yang membungkuskan permukaanku 
tunjukkan kesempurnaan
namun air mata beralih di bawah pembungkusanku

aku selaku pelakon yang memainkan perananku
tunjukkan ketahanan
namun emosi sebenar ditutup ngan kemahiranku

kuncikan mimpiku
kuncikan tangisiku
kuncikan sulitanku
kuncikan fikiranku
kuncikan harapanku
kuncikan kenanganku
kuncikan senyumanku 
kuncikan kata cintaku
kuncikan pelukanku
kuncikan tubuhku
kuncikan jiwaku
kuncikan hatiku

demi waktu
kini hatiku dah dewasa  merubah


如果 , 沒有你




Hey 我真的好想你

...眼睛乾乾的 有想哭的心情

Hey 我真的好想你
太多的情緒 沒適當的表情


如果沒有你 沒有過去 我不會有傷心
但是有如果 還是要愛你

如果沒有你 我在哪裡 又有甚麼可惜
反正一切來不及 反正沒有了自己

Hey 我真的好想你
不知道你現在 到底在哪裡




忘了他 ;想起你



有时 • 一辈子

啼哭有时 欢笑有时
静默有时 言语有时
喜爱有时 恨恶有时
激动有时 冷静有时
沮丧有时 欣喜有时
抛郑有时 堆聚有时
拆毁有时 建造有时
埋怨有时 满足有时
征战有时 和好有时
寻找有时 失落有时
逃避有时 面对有时
守护有时 舍弃有时
撕裂有时 缝补有时







原谅我  不禁莫名恋上巧克力
原谅他  误闯了我新的里程碑
原谅我  偷偷想念他而忘了你
原谅他  让我撇开眼泪的酸咸
原谅我  不小心恋上他的影子
 原谅他  渐渐剥夺了你的宝座 


错过了 • 一辈子



simper =D

no doubt
i felt so glad that i am home once again
officially i just left my home for only one day time
cause i left KL on Mon morning
then i returned again on Wed night

i planned to home cause i am running on my schedule

i  need to meet my babe
i didn't date my babe for almost one month ler
*errrr missssss you lots babe*

i need to consult the gynecologist-Dr.Ee
fortunately it was just a small matter after the consultation
*relief gaogao...phewww *
dui,i have to arrange my time for the surgical operation
*God bless me*
i promise myself to get a pair of bikini after it
hopefully,it was not cancerous
i can do it

i need to attend my uncle's birthday celebration & "hungry ghost event"
*uhhhhh sounds so weird and bored*
but i have no choice since i am a family-lover
*evil laugh*

most of the relatives told me that i looks slim jor wor
*ahherrm...a lil bit perasan timmmmm*
and the hair color just suit me well
specially thanks to my baobei meiyee and calvin too
thanked to those cosmetics during PC Fair
those pimples are spreading widely all around my sei yan face

well,i gotta enjoy my weekend dude  *wave*


the moment

from the home sweet home
back from Pikom PC Fair

sorry to say that
i found myself
suit working life much more than studying life

maybe the way i handle the pressure form task
is better than the way i control the stress of study

seriously i miss my working life so badly
it doesn't mean that i will halt mt study

if i can restart at the right moment
i will choose to work instead of study


to be...

it's August!

i hidden myself from blog for ages

i am trying to get a new fresh look
i am trying to get a new lifestyle
i am trying to grab a brand new soul

lots of first time in and out during this period
yet those outcomes not much satisfying me

the way i miss you was a lil bit different
the way i miss him was a lil bit unique

i found myself pretty sentimental
you bet
that's the real me

i get all my midterms done
i am going to fight for more $

i appreciated the way my lil buddies encouraging me
You can do it, do your best jo jau dak geh la - Leong
Support you,ka yao - Veron
Never choose to quit so simply - Vkie
Gambateh ah baba -Vrui
Dont give up ar -Waihoou
the most funniest
nah nah nah,i go to bed ger la - OoiOoi
 those who supporting me when i wanna halt
 THANKieww SO MUCH for backing ^x^

i will try my best effort to complete it
yes,i promised



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