simper =D

no doubt
i felt so glad that i am home once again
officially i just left my home for only one day time
cause i left KL on Mon morning
then i returned again on Wed night

i planned to home cause i am running on my schedule

i  need to meet my babe
i didn't date my babe for almost one month ler
*errrr missssss you lots babe*

i need to consult the gynecologist-Dr.Ee
fortunately it was just a small matter after the consultation
*relief gaogao...phewww *
dui,i have to arrange my time for the surgical operation
*God bless me*
i promise myself to get a pair of bikini after it
hopefully,it was not cancerous
i can do it

i need to attend my uncle's birthday celebration & "hungry ghost event"
*uhhhhh sounds so weird and bored*
but i have no choice since i am a family-lover
*evil laugh*

most of the relatives told me that i looks slim jor wor
*ahherrm...a lil bit perasan timmmmm*
and the hair color just suit me well
specially thanks to my baobei meiyee and calvin too
thanked to those cosmetics during PC Fair
those pimples are spreading widely all around my sei yan face

well,i gotta enjoy my weekend dude  *wave*



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