Home sick-ing

today was a struggleytale
i had my presentation done
fortunately that's the only one 
i missing my mom
i missing my dad
i missing my bro
i missing my bed
i missing my air-con
i missing him as well
i didn't went home for two week time
home,here i come

=LaviGne 1007=


♥ you are irreplaceable 
♥ you are my dream 
 ♥ you are my temptation 
♥ you are unreachable 

 ♥ you walked out from my heart silently 
♥ you left me an incomplete love 
 ♥ you obscured our memory 
♥ you moved forward 
 ♥ you twisted our road 
♥ you kidnapped my heart 
♥ you gave me a broken heart 
♥ you took my heart when you're gone 

in my dream, you are mine; 
in my life, you are my dream



you were...

季节さえ忘れる位 位
た 君と最后の恋をしたか
っった こんな広い夜空の下ひとり
笑颜 见せているのか
一体何を想えばいいの 今谁の隣
でなだなんて ねぇどれ程时が経ったら
梦の続きも いつも言
苦しみは终わるのかな いつか话して
たっていたあの口癖も 全て忘れられたら楽だね
瞬间に袭ってくる 优しくて
だけとひとつも忘れたくない 静寂に包まれた 温かすぎる 想い出だ
ひとり 一体何を想えばい
君が最后のひとだと思った 君と最后の恋をしたかった こんな広い夜空の
下いの いつか话してた梦の続きも いつも言っていたあの口癖も 全て忘れられたら楽だね




me = myself = i

just halt it
stop the nonsense about separation
i do not deserved any teardrop from it
it was just a dream for last night
no more argument about willingness
just stop it
i do not mind at all
it was just a dream;a game
you disappeared from my melody thousand years ago
even your shadow was still emerging
but it was just a dream;a game
i am not going to stay with the incomplete love
you does not belongs to my world
neither together or apart
i am still the same without you
no more i love you
no more love that is lasting forever
today,i am still the same without you
me,myself and i

-LaviGne 1007-

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