take A break

swallow notes

7 days of holiday

i  have one more paper to go on 24th
it's time to take a break
and have some relaxant first
perhaps i still able to cope with the last paper

i rushed back to meet up with my ilder sista
she just came back from SG for lil time only
while i have to put a big smile on my face
bcz imma celebrate the mooncake festival at HOME

i used to believe in fate and destine
this was the 3rd time i met him

A different time
A different place
A different train
A different coach
A different destination
A different origin
A different sunset
A different mood
A different weather


during the trip back to my home
he was the same stranger who sitting next to me
such a miraculous

i did enjoyed the night view from the top of the Ulu Langat hill
i did enjoyed the gathering session with my lovely family at Look Out Point
i really appreciated the moment we get closer with happiness
they make me gotta feel warmth 
even the wind was blowing under the full moon and stars

i love you




= for your information, my bloggie is temporary close for study week and final week =

**sorry for inconvenience**




i done the Olay's project which continuous for two weekend
i cant even wait one more second for the date
cause it was the reunion day for my Poly-Family
on 6th
we had our wonderful date in Sungei Wang & Time Square
can u just imagine how great the date was?


by 8th
we met up again in KLCC 
we had a gorgeous movie - Step Up 3
i was totally melting with it
the only word i can describe - NICE!


the most interesting part...
we went to the book festival
weilee zai & charis zai grabbed lotsa books
i cant found any book 
i got a booty
well,charis be the winner of the day
wondering she damn noobs?
wondering she is book-worm?

my favorite

i hope to have a nice gathering for next round
i hope to meet them again 
i miss u guys
especially u,my babe


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