F.a.m.i.l.y ♥

you bet
pass through a suffocative weekend in KL
ran to the town which totally strange max- PJ
no choice
gotta attend the product training with baggage

finally was HOME safety
all the stress can be flushed away once i met all the sweeties
since when
i started to LOVE them
i used toHATE kids
but i pretty lovin them since the appearance of gorgor & didi 
and now
i love 8 of them sooo much

 the 7 dwarfs of mine
*Carol was absence back to hometown*

a call from Jenny around 8smthg
a movie at 9pm such sudden
get myself a messy look done
left home at 8.55pm 
reaching GSC mid valley at 9.05pm
bravo for the drift skill of him
the first movie with him 
the first time a bought him lovely popcorn
after the funny yet touching movie
went for the yum cha session at sg.long  
the cuppa honey milk

 the first movie with him

popo appeared in my mind during the movie
i am so sorry cause never visit her for almost 2 months
i feels like wanna hug her with snuggle 

even the job for Fri, Sat and Sun
totally tiresome
i know i have to be strong
i have to be tough
i must get more $$$$
so that i wont burden my family
YES, i can do it

i felt that i was born in bad temper
i hope to apology before putting on the 20's candle
i can't even imaging how my parents can stand for almost 20 years
i am so sorry
poppa and momma

right here moment
i am thinking for nothing
just the reflection of the image when you guys getting elder and elder
i hope i can spend more while with both of you
so that i wont regret in the future time

no matter how
i hope to let both of you know that
i miss you
i love you
and i really do
grrr, falling sick again
better halt it before the exam week



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