Recipe For The Peak-Load

Recipe for Lavigne's Schedule

Appetizers   : Extremely valuable soft skills
Main course : Extremely utilizable classes
Dessert        : Extremely enjoyable activities

1 exhibition, 1 seminar and 2 workshops
5 lecture classes, 4 tutorial classes and 1 practical class
1 celebration in advance and 1 steambot session

1 presentation
1 replacement lecture class
1 "kononnye" blackout session

Preparation steps:
1) Attend 1 practical class, 1 tutorial class and 2 lecture classes on Monday
2) Attend 1 lecture class and 1 tutorial class on Tuesday
3) Attend 2 tutorial classes with a presentation for Marketing on Wednesday
4) Attend 1 lecture class on Thursday
5) Attend 1 lecture class, 1 exhibition and 1 seminar of Sustainable Wastewater Remediation on Friday
6) Attend 1 replacement of lecture class and 1 workshop of Work Ethics At the Workplace on Saturday
7) Prepare and await for the dark due to the notification of blackout within Kampar area on Saturday night
8) Celebrate the Tang Lung Festival in advance with beerbeer while waiting for the blackout night
9) Attend 1 workshop of Tips To Become A Successful Entrepreneur on Sunday 
10) Indulge with 1 steambot session after the workshop at Sunday night

Servings size:  
7 days for 1-4 persons

       the teeny weeny hap that......
       i stay in kampar and spend the precious seven days with ooiooi for the first time.
       i fully utilize the entire week with full scheduled and activities in kampar for the first time.
       i celebrate the tang lung festival in advanced with my buddies in kampar for the first time.
       i well prepare for the blackout an kampar for the first time(even the dark never comes).
       i satisfy with the joyful life in kampar for the first time.  

        thankiewww guys & i love you guys



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