no doubt!
i am suffering headache
my face allergic without a single reason
turned me into a super masker
these few days
i like the way i put the mask on
i like the way i feint my expression
i like the way i conceal my mood
pretty suffocating when all the midterms and assignment's due date are haunting
it was the first weekend that i spent in the dead town for this suck semester
counting down for every single day
crave for the hugs of  holidays

i felt timeless
i felt helpless
why am i here
i suppose to chase after my dreams
why am i stood still
nobody have the answer of it
even me myself
i was totally lost
i used to be a sentimentalist
i used to be a followist

i am right here waiting
wait for the rescue
wait for the escape
wait for the dream which never come true

do you know
how much i wish
i'd hope to take a break
i cant even spare the time right now
there are thousand tons of papers queue behind me
that's might be a pretty good excuse for me
for me to reject bout love and relationship at the moment
cause i used to believe that love make us blind
if i can make a wish right now
i prefer to turn back all the time
i  hanker a easeful life
i need a perfect massage and relaxation NOW!



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