Irreplaceable Weekend

i successfully ran away from the bored town 
and finally back to my home-sweet-home

it supposed to arrive at 2.06pm
but my train delayed for the departure
and i reached Central around 3smthg
well, my baby picked me up then we decided to for our "lunner"
so, we heading to Noble Family Steak House at Viva Home

since we bought a voucher of it from Groupon before
so, baby choose a T-bone steak and i preferred Lemon Salmon as the main course
meanwhile we able to enjoy the buffet for the varieties of side dishes
the foods were taste-able while the services were definitely thumbs-up
we did pleased with our meals and the environment as well
it worth the next return and i strongly recommended to all the dudes

my baby and i went to The Gardens on sat after his work
we went for the antioxidant hot bed therapy at Ecoparadise
since we've made a reservation at 4pm
even though i left my printed-voucher at home 
but they allowed us to register as well

a set of towels,a set of Japanese robe and a locker key were provided to each of us
we entered our room named "Lavender" after we put on our yukata 
tumbler of water well prepaid beside our hot bed once we enter the room
lied on the ceramic tiles 
absorb antioxidants via the skin and breathing
the temperature pretty warm but of course not reaching the boiled-egg-level
seriously, it can really allows me to relax and detoxify 
we took a rest and served with the enzymes after sweating for 40mins
satisfied with the services of the front desk administrators and the facilities
enjoyed ourselves and glad to be bcz we got 3 more sessions to go
it really worth bcz i bought it tru Groupon during the 75% Off !

a lil bit starved after we done the hot bed theraphy
before we going home for dinner
we grabbed a solo pork-mince burger from Ninja Joe
with a cup of Taro Milk Tea from Chatime
drooling while heading to the car park
felt so delicious to have such combinations of snack
felt so happy to share a meal with my baby on the car
*Yummmy yet blissful*

a fabulous Sunday morning with the lovely morning kiss 
i wrapped up the pressie after the tasty cendol
then we get ready to move on to the twin's birthday party 
we're reaching when we saw the big logo of "M" in yellow color
the two little thingy were dress-up so cuttie and pretty 
a big hug and a big kiss for them, uncontrollable
my happiness totally squeezed out during the birthday party
the laughing of the kids and the smiling of the parents conquer the whole world

after the party, we rushing to sent the two nephews to meet their grandma
they're leaving jz after stayed in KL for one night 
*sob and wave*

accompanied two of my mummies to Jusco before the dinner
we hunting for meals at 118 Food Court after shopping
having a happy family-day even the dinner time was ruined into supper time
i do hope can accompany them more often during the leisure
appreciate a lots to my baby 

at first, i'd planned to work for the PC fair for the weekend but it's failed
it's an important job for a poor little girl who is money-less
the figure in my bank account is decreasing gradually
hopefully Toto ,Magnum or Damacai can donate some to me
somehow, this weekend was meaningful to me
obviously, it's irreplaceable yet plenitude

Noble Family Steak House

Ecoparadise & Ninja + Chatime

Twin's Birthday Party



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