Just live YOUR life!

Once again
familiar places
familiar occasion
familiar seasons
familiar people
familiar voice
made me recall all the
I don't even dare to ask "how are u recently?"
The baffling depression has came close and closer to me
Tears and I are inseparable since the day u went away
I prefer rainy days more than sunny day
Bcoz no one will know that i were crying in the rain
U made me cried
You made me
But you didn't made me felt the love is

Sour, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy
You showed your love by all these chemical ways
Which was you preferred the most?
I tried to delete all about you
But it keeps pulling me back to it
I hate these part like here...
U keep asking me for the reason I left
I knew that you are not belongs with me
And i am not belong to you
Before, I changed a lots for you
Now, I learn a lots from you
That y i found the best way to leave you
Bcoz i finally found my better-man
He is The One and the only only one
Who i really want to appreciate much more than you
I did loved you but i hate you so
Just get out from my new life
I wanna proof to you
I CAN live without you
You did meant everything to me before
But you are not my everything for right now and even in the future
I just wanna let you know that we are totally Game Over
I hope I did the right decision
I left you
I changed my contact number
I want to keep away from your world and your shadow
This the only way I can redeem back my freedom
I wan to start my new life
Would you please just return back the key of my heart?
Let me pass back the key to him - The Only One
You will not understand what are my feeling
And yet, no one did it
I wanna flung away all my memory against you
I wanna thrown myself into to the deepest sea
Everything were sink into the bottom of my heart
Just live your life!

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