Blame Me

two more papers to go

dunno why

its seems like got 2000 papers to go

i get my QT paper done

dunno why

it hurt me so badly when i back from the test

only ooi there

tears already lost control

drop down like rains

i never cry for study before

maybe i felt that i already put in effort

but get nothing back in return

i dunwan the result

i hate  the result


feel like wanna give up jor


i recall the time when

i fight with my mates in the middle of the night

i felt so sorry

i felt like i am useless

i felt like i am hopeless

i am just wasting my time

i am just wasting my money

even my body is here

but my mind was in sembreak-mode already

mummy & daddy

i am so sorry

i had tried my best


you can blame it on me

*sorry cause i can't celebrate Mother's Day with you guys*




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