sembreak-ing ♥

what's a WONDERFUL sembreak
never had a WONDERFUL sembreak like this before
it's damn suffered for me to stay every single day at HOME
noʎ ssıɯ I

*keluargaku in kampar*

to be a good daughter
to be a good sister
to be a good neighbor
to be a good driver
to be a good teacher
to be a good nursemaid
even to be a good mother as well

unbelievable that's i can wake up at 6 in the early morning
JOG 4o mins
YOGA 20 mins
they are the only recreation for me
*thumbs up*

no income's sembreak= distressed sembreak
a poorly off next semester is coming
worrying bout result
worrying bout finance
worrying bout family

time to wave GOODBYE to YOU
and wave HELLO to HIM
i want no more bout YOU
but i want HIM to be my man

stop missing stop missing stop missing YOU anymore
i want to know HIS name larrrr~
HIS face keep on pop-out in my mind
What the hack

i want to recover ASAP
dont want to depend on medicine la PLEASE
suffocating when falling sick
2 kg - 2 week
LaviGne Chan BaBa
U can make it!



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