Unrestricted path


a path to 2011 ▪•❤•▪

ladies and gentlemen
may i have your attention please
please be informed that 
lavigne chan baba is switching to sembreak mode
yes, officially

the X'mas mode is -ON-
the sembreak mode is -ON-
the work mode is -ON-
the shopping mode is -ON-

here's the momentary freedom visits
here's the snow flakes season
here's the countdown festivals

i saw a familiar X'mas gift
which i kept for one whole year 
which never reach him by the last X'mas

it reminds my thought of you and him once
flashing back my sweet memories with him
tracked back the bitter memory with you
last year
it was our first and last x'mas together
sorry that i loved you,Mr.A
you always on my minds
yes, always

the another one who make me to shed tears, always
i really hate that i cant delete you from my memory
maybe someday later?
i able to format my mind
you wont cross my mind anymore

for this long holidays 
non of you are welcoming
except the new flirt before the begins of 2011

you bet
my sweet room was replaced with new renovation
my brain room was flushed with holidays
but why
my heart room was occupied with the same old bastard?

time to relax my soul and my mind
time to take a long vacation
soothing from mentally and physically
i want a brand new life
i want a fresh new memory
i want X'mas
i want New Year

wave goodbye to 2010
wave hi to 2011




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