do you ever know?


i addict on the love given by him
just like the Christian Dior Addict Perfume
i cant even pull myself away from it

i rely on his consolation and inspiration
just like leaning against the Mount Kinabalu
i cant even stop depending on him

i trust on him all the way
just like using the Durex Extra Safe
i cant even understand why he make me feel so secure

i bet all the luck to form our relationship
just like winning a lottery in Toto
i cant even imagine how lucky am i in the world

i fight for everything just because of him
just like the song "Fight for this love" by Cheryl Cole
i cant even halt the battle just to grab him to be mine

i like him to stick with me all the time
just like the Uhu Glue
i cant even realize since when he became the only exception

i enjoy the moment spend with him
just like the Canon-Delighting you always
i cant even hide my smile from him

i drunk for the moment when he flirts on me
just like having a freeze Hoegaarden
i cant even detach from the only drug he gave

i feel so adventuresome to be him
just like playing a Roller-coaster
i cant even pause in the middle or just leaving half way




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