Beachy Moment

journey end 
back to the reality
the end for the ever first trip for baby & me
we've spent 3D2N in Lumut & Pangkor Island
cz baby knew that i prefer off to the beach
really enjoyed myself in the pre-honeymoon
the review & feedback for the trip just pretty good

although it's still a lil bit incomplete
maybe bcz of the absent of sunrise & sunset
and the ending of the journey not really perfect
due the turtle hatching center in Pasir Panjang,Segari was closed on Tuesday
we never expect it's public holiday (Wesak Day)
even it's raining in a particular day
but it unable to stop us or even affect our activities
in the contrary
i think imma getting sunburn even accompanied by the Sunplay spray 

it's a joyful yet romantic trip
guess what
this was my ever first time to ride on the ferry,motorbike,boat with my love one
the candle light dinner which set on the seabeach is the most wonderful part
the seabreeze,seascape and the spindrift with the nice food
the seashore of the evening only occupied by only two of us
unexpected yet surprisingly
how i wish it just stop at the moment for forever

i like the seawind; but i scared of sunburn
i like the tiderip; but i scared of the waves
the sweet & lovely memories for us

it warranted for the next return to Pangkor Island
but not the Lumut or even Teluk Batik
i promised



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