Extraordinary Weekend


It supposed to be a dull yet bored weekend in Kampar
but my man successfully cheers it up
damn appreciate whatever he did for me
as the compensation for him
the only way is -- Love him til the end of my life!

I fully utilized my weekend by the packed schedules
went to the facial treatment
went to visit my popo in Ipoh
then enjoyed the night with my man
pretty thankful to my man

Then,i attended a full-day workshop on Sunday
with my dearest Meimei & Ooiooi
while having the fun class with Matt siu as well as Hou siu
learn mickle of knowledge about etiquette on business 

I'm trying my best to get the assignments done before the coming Tues

Lastly, kindly
click "Like" on My Clean & Clear page below:
votes for Lavigne Chan & Charis Ngui at 

(We do really need for your supports which you can vote for us everyday! )

 > Sincerely thankyou to the maxXX <



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