K.O !

Those for the days

yes,it's time to get sick
flash back of the last time i've fall sick
two months ago,i guess
as usual
i will just get sick so easily before period,i think
maybe of the weather?
maybe of the hits of flu?
maybe of the trends of H1N1?
doesn't matter
because i know the main reason 
i'm not strong enough & pretty weak 
consulted the doctor in the end
no choice
he said imma suffering for few more days
i hate nose blocked
i hate fever
i hate flu
i hate cough
i hate sorethroat
i hate to be a sick-cat
such suffocating for me
especially during the period for midterm tests
cant focus at all
accompanied by the medicines once again
if you know me well
u know that i addicted to the taste of the syrup for flu 
you bet
i'm lovin' it,babe
i just need some concern from you(s)
you will never by my side even when i need you so badly
i just hope somebody to take care of me when i get ill
but the situation will never never never  allow
i have to use to it,right?
neither dad nor mom
neither buddies nor boyfriend
no one
no one
no one
there's just no one!
i just can take care by myself
i just can cure it by my own
and ofcourse...with the "lovely" medicines & porridge
such lonely yet gloomy?
nope,not really
there are still loaded of notes & midterm tests are haunting me
there are still loaded of assignments & presentations are waiting for me
say "Hi" to them 
welcome back to mama
see,i told you! i'm not alone,right?

i think the badluck-ness already came toward me
everything gone wrong
everything just uneven & not smooth at all
have to go to temple get some "cheng cheng"
and grab some luckiness in return,i guess

i gotta stop typing right now
because the tablets of medicines starting to function well
i just feel it's kinda blur now
i think imma take a good rest since the dizziness will switch off my mind
forced to MC for today even i really do not hope so
i'm so sorry
i will try to get well soon as i promised 



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