it was the white valentine's day
celebrated it with him,accidentally
he came to be my valentines
the weather was just pretty good in the evening
so i decided to bath for my lil car after its maintenance 
the spec just damn annoyed during the cleaning
gotta put on the cons so badly

after i done the wearing of cons
stunned til the max when i turned to the back
a biG bIG BIG question mark swinging in my mind
[ ? ]
a shadow & a real body
he was just standing in front of me
in the dreamland HUH?
so unpredictable
so surprisingly
so speechless 
...  ...  ...

feels like wanna give him a warmth-hug with tears
but the situation stopped me to do so
while the EQ controlled the teardrops pretty well
he came to meet me with his backpack of work
when i saw him in busy-work-load
i felt so guilty yet touching

we had a dinner in Vegas
wondering that was our 1st valentine's dinner HUH?
took a wind blow at the lakeside
watched a movie of Jacky Chan, at home
offered him to stay a night here
kinda worried if he drives back to KL in yawnful
but he rejected
he decided to take a short nap before he move
he was the 1st man to sleep on my lovely bed 
can the second just stop for the moment?
cz he is freaking cute in bed,seriously
everyone just keep silent & talk softly please
don't even try to awake my sleeping-baby,okay?

such an appreciable night we had
thanks for the time given 
although i do not received any pressie from him
yet, his appearance was the biggest present for me
in the end
he left in the middle of the night
i wished to give him a goodbye kiss
somehow,the mission incomplete
it may be a meaningful 1st kiss 
imma save it for the nextime since i'm thanksgiver,always XD

how nice if he is the-man-to-be?
it maybe pretty joyful if he'll become part of my life, i think?
or having a wavy life if he'll surprise me always, i guess?
but the answer is...



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